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Kenya Neem oil is obtained from the seed of the tree which is scientifically known as Azadirachta indica. It is an oil which smells very strangely, a reason why many people have been trying to identify this scent with some saying garlic while others thinking its smell is of onion. The neem tree is threatened by a parasite that is widely killing trees, the director of the Kisumu based Kenya Neem Foundation, Ms Prein Fitter, says. Oil cleansing with neem oil in this case will be of great help. If you are wondering where to buy neem oil in Kenya, Sheth Naturals is indeed the final pit stop! What you have told us: Our neem oil used after a concentrated apple cider vinegar press on skin tags has helped. Apr 18, 2018 · RELATED ARTICLE: Neem oil farmer offering elephantiasis remedy to Coast residents. The use of neem is one among many biological and traditional ways farmers are courting to fight pests that have developed immunity against conventional pesticides. May 04, 2016 · I just stumbled on your article, have been searching for alternate treatments for cancer, I had heard from my Indian colleague about ” the miracle tree” – aka Neem tree, I have used the neem tree oil for my hair fall issue, it is quite helpful I must say.

Very often the neem tree is confused with the Persian lilac or chinaberry tree Melia azedarach a relative of neem which thrives a high altitudes. Soils: The tree grows on a variety of soils, clayey or sandy, saline or alkaline, but will not grow in waterlogged soils. Most parts of the neem tree are bitter, with the exception of the flowers which have a sweet scent. The flowers which can be used fresh, dried, roasted or in powdered form can be used to cook a number of dishes and sprinkled on top of dishes to garnish. The flowers are also used to treat anorexia, nausea. Neem oil has been an especially prized ingredient in for making both traditional and modern neem remedies - from cosmetics to insect repellents. And the later is exactly what we are interested in. Insecticidal properties of neem oil make it a natural ally in our gardens. Neem oil is a nature’s gift from plants to plants, so to speak. Neem Foundation Kenya is a natural medicine research health care, actively involved in research, cure and treatment of chronic infection such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases. It was founded in 1996 by the late Dr.A.K Mwongo. read more. Testimonials.

Dec 28, 2017 · OMG Shocking!! This is What Happens When You Apply This To Your Hair For A Week. We have prepared Neem oil with which you can get long hair faster. I Prepare This Oil. Neem oil has traditionally been considered to be a relatively safe product in adults. The LD 50 of neem oil is 14 ml/kg in rats and 24 ml/kg in rabbits. In rats, a dose of up to 80 ml/kg caused stupor, respiratory distress, depression of activity, diarrhea, convulsions and death. I sincerely hope that. the neem will continue to remain available for use by people all over the world without paying a high price to a company.' Dr V P Sharma, Director of the Malaria Research Institute, agrees: 'We have discovered the repellent action of the neem oil.

Aug 28, 2018 · Neem Oil Neem oil that's extracted from neem seeds is rich in medicinal properties which are what makes it a great ingredient in cosmetics and other beauty products: soaps, hair oil, hand wash, soap etc. It can treat a bunch of skin diseases and is known to be an excellent mosquito repellent. We are leading manufacturer of Pure Neem Oil and Neem Oil based Bio-insecticide formulations in India. We have gained expertise in seed extraction, purification process & formulation technologies to transform the natural Neem Oil into a powerful and effective insect growth regulator used as bio insecticides.

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